Academics for Development

Academics for Development is a non-profit organization founded on social entrepreneurship. Through projects and on-campus events, we strive to give students the opportunity to enrich themselves and have durable social impact.

Sustainable Development Goals

Academics for Development is proud to align itself with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through our commitment to social entrepreneurship, we endorse the idea of the triple bottom line, where profitability, social justice and the environment are considerations of equal importance for any responsible entrepreneur.

Specifically, we align with the following SDGs:

A big part of our projects focus on energy provision in the developing world, where sustainable solutions have the power to turn the lights on.

By equipping students with skills and entrepreneurs with eager and innovative young people, we bolster the economy and prepare students for their careers.

By directly assisting entrepreneurs and by encouraging social and environmental awareness among our students, we foster innovation.

Our core activities all focus on helping organisations who explore  environmentally friendly and socially conscious way of doing business.

Our business is linking up the people – students and professionals, public and private – who want to have impact.


We organize social impact oriented student consulting projects around the world in which a multidisciplinary team of students works with a social enterprise, start-up or NGO.


Upcoming Events

We organize events to bring topics related to social entrepreneurship and impact closer to the broader student community and public.


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april, 2020

21apr19:0021:00Board Information Session: AFD, Aiesec, Enactus, SOLVE, & UtrechtInc


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