About AFD

Academics for Development is a non-profit organization advocating social entrepreneurship. We strive to give all students the opportunity to enrich themselves and have durable social impact through a hands on, multidisciplinary, and cross-cultural entrepreneurial experience.

Our mission

As a student organisation founded on social entrepreneurship, AFD strives to give:

Local communities, organisations and companies entrepreneurial and knowledge support.

Students the opportunity to have social impact and develop themselves through exchanging knowledge, and immersive cross- cultural and hands-on practical experiences in a multidisciplinary setting.

Students the ambition and inspiration to take initiative to make a difference for society.

Our pillars

Our organization is built on two pillars: projects and events.


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AFD organises social impact oriented student consulting projects around the world in which a multidisciplinary team of students works with a social enterprise, start-up or NGO.

Throughout the academic year AFD students develop a research based conceptual solution and plan of action in cooperation with the project partner and experts. During the summer the AFD team is given the chance to work at the project location to put theory into practice in cooperation with the local partner and community.

The ultimate goal of each project is to realise durable and meaningful social impact.

AFD organises events to bring topics related to social entrepreneurship and impact closer to the broader student community and public.

Furthermore, AFD endeavours to be a platform for young, aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurial individuals with innovative ideas for social change.


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