AFD Antwerp

Unlock your full potential. Have social impact.


We are looking for a founding team for 2020-2021!

Do you have a strong vision and a sense of entrepreneurship, then discover the functions of a founding team below.

AFD Antwerp is looking for you!

Are you striving to have social impact and make a real difference in the world?

As a part of AFD Antwerp you will represent an international student community which is active in Belgium, Netherlands, South-Africa and Canada. All connected on a single platform we have the mission to allow students to generate a long term social impact through social entrepreneurship.

Get training in social entrepreneurship and join our multidisciplinary founding team if you are an ambitious, motivated student with strong learning capacities. The environment you will join is challenging and will require strong team work to solve a wide variety of challenges. From negotiating deals with business partners to collaborating with universities and defining high potential projects for the coming year.

Get inspired by our events

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Meet the current team

  • Marine Echternach
    Marine Echternach Co-Founder & COO
  • Kayley Laura
    Kayley Laura Co-Founder & Legal
  • Margaux Frentzel
    Margaux Frentzel Co-Founder & Project Development
  • Saloua Aissami
    Saloua Aissami Marketing & Communications
  • Zyad Benameur
    Zyad Benameur Co-Founder Relations publiques & Finance
  • Romane Raclot
    Romane Raclot Co-Founder
  • Yolan Weiler
    Yolan Weiler Founder

Meet our partners

Ku Leuven
Expat & Co

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