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Are you striving to have social impact along with personal development?

Academics for Development is looking for enthusiastic new members to join the 2019-2020 board.  Join like-minded peers in tackling real life problems next to your studies. Obtain valuable life skills and hands-on-experience. Be part of an open and international student community and make friends for life!

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Meet our team

  • Tom Husson
    Tom Husson President
  • Emilie Van Hemeldonck
    Emilie Van Hemeldonck Vice-President
  • Sarah De Vits
    Sarah De Vits Board HR
  • Emma Bernolet
    Emma Bernolet Board Legal
  • Leen van Hees
    Leen van Hees Board Project Development
  • Nele Rabijns
    Nele Rabijns Board Project Coordination
  • Lisa Van Damme
    Lisa Van Damme Board Marketing & Communication
  • Hanne Linclau
    Hanne Linclau Board Events
  • Dries Wijckmans
    Dries Wijckmans Board Impact Development
  • Elout Konijn
    Elout Konijn Board Partner Relations
  • Maarten Moeyaert
    Maarten Moeyaert Board Finance
  • Lauren Maes
    Lauren Maes Entourage HR
  • Marie Van Casteren
    Marie Van Casteren Entourage Legal
  • Olivier Lippens
    Olivier Lippens Entourage Project Development
  • Emma Verkinderen
    Emma Verkinderen Entourage Project Development
  • Rivka Rooze
    Rivka Rooze Entourage Project Coordination
  • Jasmine Sackey
    Jasmine Sackey Entourage Project Coordination
  • Sara Nulens
    Sara Nulens Entourage IT
  • Felicia Gruwez
    Felicia Gruwez Entourage Marketing & Communication
  • Emilie Dom
    Emilie Dom Entourage Marketing & Communication
  • Eline Habets
    Eline Habets Entourage Events
  • Nele S’heeren
    Nele S’heeren Entourage Impact Development
  • Annemie Willemen
    Annemie Willemen Entourage Impact Development
  • Lara Puylaert
    Lara Puylaert Entourage Partner Relations
  • Matthias Hermans
    Matthias Hermans Entourage Events
  • Hannelore Daems
    Hannelore Daems Entourage Events
  • Evita De Coster
    Evita De Coster Board IT
  • Anouk Garay
    Anouk Garay Entourage Marketing & Communication

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