Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication

The organisation

AFD was founded with the aim to unlock the full potential of students through social impact and to have social impact through the full potential of students. We achieve this by placing Social Entrepreneurship at the core of our organisation along with its values. Every year we send out a number of highly motivated students to set up socially meaningful, durable and impactful projects and businesses. In symbiosis with this we have the ambition to familiarise and embed the social entrepreneurial way of thinking in the entire student-ecosystem. We do this through our events and our impact development branch that amongst other things organises the Brightminds track.

Your role

  • – You are responsible for spreading the word of AFD to the outside world
  • – You and your team are responsible to keep the outside world up to date on AFD and its activities via newsletters a newsletter during the year every one or two months
  • – You keep the social media up to date about the AFD events and the AFD project students (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • – You will look for opportunities to present AFD in the press
  • – You support the other board members in their communication to students, partners and faculties.
  • – You attend the weekly board meetings and show a general commitment to the organisation

Ton profil

  • – You are a bachelor or master student at KU Leuven or UCLouvain
  • - Tu es créatif avec les mots et les histoires
  • – You have an excellent knowledge of French. A knowledge of English is a great added value, but may not keep you from applying
  • - Tu es organisé(e) et précis(e)
  • - Tu crois en la vision et mission d'AFD et tu ne peux pas attendre d'en parler au reste du monde

Tes engagements

  • - Pouvoir tenir cette position pour une année académique (Avril 2020)
  • -Donner de ton temps pour AFD à côté de tes études

Notre offre

  • -Gagner une expérience pratique et s'attaquer à de vrais problèmes à côté de tes études
  • -Obtenir de précieuses aptitudes et booster ton développement personnel
  • -Echanger avec des pairs impactants et animés du même esprit
  • - Faire partie d'une communauté d'étudiant(e)s internationaux fun


Any questions about the positions?

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  • Sabrina Campomizzi
    Sabrina Campomizzi Board member Marketing & Communication
  • Chloé Devillers
    Chloé Devillers Entourage member Marketing & Communication
  • Ofélia Noël
    Ofélia Noël Entourage member Marketing & Communication

AFD is looking for a new president and vice-president for the academic year 2019-2020.

Deadline: Saturday, March 9th, 23h59.

Es-tu prêt à franchir le pas hors de ta zone de confort and faire partie de l'aventure d'AFD ? Nous serons ravi de recevoir ta candidature ! Voici la procédure :

  1. First of all, you should send your CV et motivation letter en anglais ou en français à with the subject ‘President & Vice-President 2019-2020’ avant la date limite.
  2. Consequently, we will invite you to join us for an interview informelle. In this interview, we will look for competences, experience and – most importantly – for motivation.
  3. Finally you will find out if you were selected to become a new board member for the academic year 2019-2020.

More info on the open positions:

Difference Board-Entourage

The difference between being a board or entourage member is that as a board member you have the final responsibility, you are the point of contact and you maintain the communication between your team and the Governing Board (the national board in Belgium). Every team will consist of one board member and one or more entourage members, depending on the function you’re applying for.


Send your CV and short motivation letter à with the subject ‘President & Vice-President 2019-2020’. It is also possible to apply in duo if this adds value for the students. The application deadline is the 9th of March. We hope to hear from you soon.


Any questions about the positions? Get in touch!


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