Milou AmericaPresident
My name is Milou America and I am the current president of Academics for Development (Executive board). Last year I graduated from Cultural Anthropology in Utrecht by conducting research on poverty in Guatemala. Currently I am enrolled in the Master’s program on Political Science in Amsterdam.
I believe that students in Netherlands have a lot to offer and deserve the chance to use their knowledge and skills to build sustainable entrepreneurships across the world in order to make a social impact. I am very excited about playing a part in offering this chance, as well as playing a part in growing consciousness under students in the Netherlands about issues like climate change, social exclusion or food waste, by the events we offer.
As we are a team of interdisciplinary students and are all very passionate about having a social impact through entrepreneurship, I am happy that there is a lot of room for input from us within this relatively young organization. I feel confident that we will make 2019-2020 an amazing, successful year for AFD.

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