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Then this year is your lucky year! We are taking a slightly different approach this year: The certified one-year Brightminds program as described below will be offered as usual. However, what’s new is that students who are interested in joining for only one semester (can be the first or second) have the possibility to apply, too (Disclaimer: students joining for one semester are not eligible for the certificate). Likewise, if you are interested in only one particular session, you can fill in our application form. Your name will be added to our casual mailing list. For each session that is not filled yet, we will then notify you about available slots. Note that we have a limited capacity for each workshop. In case that demand exceeds availability, Brightminds students of the one-year track will always be prioritized.


“How can we make the world a better place?”

We, students, are a vibrant source of creativity and ideas. However, it often seems like a huge and difficult step to turn these ideas into reality. Together with AFD and our partner, Cera, we have set up the Brightminds program to inspire and activate fellow students around social entrepreneurship. In our view, social entrepreneurship is the entrepreneurship of today and tomorrow. Throughout the academic year, we’ll equip you with all the necessary tools to answer our main question: “How can we make the world a better place while also being financially self-sufficient?”


With the Brightminds program, our goal is to reach both ambitious students with an idea or a breakthrough vision about social entrepreneurship, as well as motivated students who simply want to learn more about social businesses and inspiring individuals. We are looking to engage students who want to have a positive impact on society, and help them to think about how social businesses will change tomorrow’s world.


The Brightminds program challenges students to reflect critically on problems that our society faces today. In order to do this, we will be working around 4 topics this year: (1) Social entrepreneurship, (2) Reversing climate change, (3) Sustainable mobility and (4) Smart cities. In the course of the academic year, we will organise 12 interactive, interdisciplinary and innovative activities such as workshops, lectures, excursions and more. These activities will give you the opportunity to challenge your lookout on, and give you insights into problems that exist within these four different subjects today. 

What we ask from students is their presence, the courage to think critically during the workshops and actively participate, as well as to be polite towards our speakers, i.e. being on time and listening attentively. What’s more is the program is perfectly compatible with your studies. That’s because students do not have to prepare anything, and it will only take around 2 hours per week. To start off with a bang, a teambuilding activity will be organised so that all students can get to know each other better in the beginning. In addition, a weekend, in which social entrepreneurship will be the central theme, will take place at the start of the second semester (depending on the corona measures). 


1. Instead of browsing through articles about social entrepreneurship on google, you will learn about it in a more fun and interactive way, with direct contact to  successful entrepreneurs who will give you a new perspective on our society. All of the activities are packed with innovative, enriching ideas that will only increase in importance in the future. 

2. Our Brightminds students have the possibility to share their CV with us, which we will then distribute in AFD’s rich network of social entrepreneurs and companies.

3. Last  but not least, students will receive a certificate at the end of the year. That is if they have been sufficiently present during the workshops (attendance of at least 70% of all workshops). In that case, you can officially call yourself a BRIGHTMIND. And who knows, maybe you meet your future partner in crime to start your own social business or your future employer. In any case, you will develop and nurture skills that are becoming more and more important in today’s world.


  • Manon Bisschop
    Manon Bisschop Student Law

“I participated in the Brightminds program and I loved it. I learned that it is possible to have both social and economic goals, whereas I had the preconception that one excludes the other . Brightminds put us in touch with start-ups, small and large companies. So it gave us a good overview of the entrepreneurial world and the possibilities within each one. Through the various discussions I discovered exciting companies, innovative sectors and ambitious projects. It was very stimulating and gave me new professional perspectives. Finally, the workshops are really interactive and fun. If you are a student who is curious curious to know more and discuss about sustainability, equality, innovation and social businesses this program is for you !”

  • Nalan Yalaci
    Nalan Yalaci Bachelor Engineering Technology

“Hey there! My name is Nalan and I’m a 3rd year bachelor’s Engineering Technology and a former Brightminds student. Last year during lockdown Brightminds was one of the several extra-curricular activities I was a part of. Even though we had to do our weekly workshops online, it was always enriching and entertaining in some other way. With selected students in a small group, I always felt welcomed and encouraged to engage more. The speakers were so versatile in their professions and the quality of their presentations were top. I highly recommend everyone this yearly niche well-crafted program to broaden their horizons (literally)”

  • Marte Greefs
    Marte Greefs Master International Business Economics and Management

“At the time I learned about the AFD Brightminds track I was not sure what kind of career I wanted to pursue. Lots of topics interested me then and they were all related to creating a more sustainable world, so the Brightminds track matchted my interests perfectly. Because the guest lectures were all scheduled in the evening, it was easy to combine with my courses at the KUL. The guest speakers were all very interesting and the best thing was that, despite that they were all doing something different, they contribute to the same goal. It would have been nice if the sessions took place somewhere in Leuven instead of online, so it would have been easier to make friends and connect, but nevertheless I am glad I participated and got into contact with the entrepreneurs. I would definitely recommend!”

What are you waiting for? 

We no longer take applications for the whole program. However, the option of joining random sessions remain open!

We invite 25 applicants for each session.



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