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We are looking for our 2021-2022 board members. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to click the button!

AFD Louvain-la-Neuve is looking for you!

Are you striving to have social impact along with personal development?

Academics for Development is looking for enthusiastic new members to join the 2019-2020 board.  Join like-minded peers in tackling real life problems next to your studies. Obtain valuable life skills and hands-on-experience. Be part of an open and international student community and make friends for life!

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No Events on The List at This Time

september 2017

27sep19:0021:00Info session projects

october 2017

30oct19:3022:00Plus que des entreprises : des entrepreneurs sociaux !

november 2017

13nov19:3022:00Projection En Quête De Sens - Louvain la Neuve

27nov19:3022:00L'engagement sous toutes ses formes

march 2018

14mar19:0022:00Séance info recrutement

26mar15:0018:00AFD job & internship social Fair

september 2018

17sep08:0017:00Welcome Day - AFD

18sep(sep 18)21:3019(sep 19)01:00Soirée de rentrée des clubs LSM: bataille navale

october 2018

02oct18:3020:30Info Projects Event

09oct19:3022:30Ciné-débat "Des clics de conscience"

november 2018

27nov19:3022:00Changements climatiques: Urgence, Défis et Opportunités!

february 2019

19feb19:0022:00Gunter Pauli: Zones franches d'innovation pour le bien commun

26feb14:0018:00Social Fair

march 2019

13mar16:00Ciné-débat "Après-demain" avec Vincent Truyens

14mar19:0021:00Info Session recrutement du board AFD

april 2019

04apr18:3020:30Meet & Drink AFD

march 2020

25mar19:0021:00Conférence: J'habite donc j'agis

may 2020

06may19:0020:00Impact SessionGet inspired by social entrepreneurship and discover how to have an impact through our board.

april 2021

21apr20:0023:00Ciné-débat "The East"

28apr13:0018:00Social Fair

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President & Vice-President


Project Coordination


Project Development


Partner Relations


Marketing & Communication


Human Ressources




Impact Development


Legal – IT & Knowledge Manager

  • Lehna Mebarki
    Lehna Mebarki President
  • Gabriel Bamba
    Gabriel Bamba Vice-President
  • Bjorn Soyer
    Bjorn Soyer Board member Project Coordination
  • Thomas Vranckx
    Thomas Vranckx Entourage member Project Coordination
  • Elise Hooge
    Elise Hooge Board member Project Development
  • Nathanaël Lucas
    Nathanaël Lucas Entourage member Project Development
  • Deven Rubens
    Deven Rubens Entourage member Project Development
  • Charlotte Fils
    Charlotte Fils Board member Partner Relations
  • Yasmine Jamil
    Yasmine Jamil Entourage member Partner Relations
  • David Ntumba-Lumbala
    David Ntumba-Lumbala Entourage member Marketing & Communication
  • Erin Piret
    Erin Piret Entourage member Events
  • Henri Duhem
    Henri Duhem Entourage member Marketing & Communication
  • Cristina Montes y Camino
    Cristina Montes y Camino Entourage member Events
  • Charlotte Warichet
    Charlotte Warichet Board Member Marketing & Communication
  • Sofia Ribeiro
    Sofia Ribeiro Entourage member Human Resources
  • Marine Panneels
    Marine Panneels Board member Human Resources
  • Charline Chang
    Charline Chang Entourage Member Finance
  • David Yala
    David Yala Board member Finance
  • Lucien Halkin
    Lucien Halkin Entourage member Impact Development
  • Justine Lebrun
    Justine Lebrun Board member Impact Development
  • Audrey Makangu Mpembele
    Audrey Makangu Mpembele Board member Legal
  • Romain Graux
    Romain Graux Board member IT
  • Kamelia Cassaert
    Kamelia Cassaert Entourage member Legal
  • Emilie Mandy
    Emilie Mandy Entourage Member Human Resources

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AFD Louvain-La-Neuve
AFD Louvain-La-Neuve
AFD Louvain-La-Neuve

AFD Louvain-La-Neuve
AFD Louvain-La-Neuve

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