Impact Case Day

Are you a student who wants to get the extracurricular experience of a lifetime? On top of that, interested in sustainability and social entrepreneurship? Then we’ve got the perfect day planned for you! Together with our amazing partners, AFD Leuven presents to you: Impact Case Day 2023


You can register in teams of 2 or 4 people. Each team will work together on two cases. At the end of the day, every team will present their ideas to the representatives during the solution proposals. We end the ICD with an awards and certificates ceremony followed by a reception where you will be able to network with many interesting people.


– Get in contact with our partners who have proven their commitment towards sustainable development

– Meet many other interested, like-minded and ambitious students

– Get more experienced in solving business cases

– Get the chance to win one of our big prices

How can I join?

Join our experience together with your friends. You can apply in groups of 2 or 4. 

Impact Case Day Partners


At Luminus, we want to build a carbon-neutral energy future that reconciles planetary protection, human well-being and economic growth through electricity and innovative solutions and services. As a major and responsible player of electricity production in Belgium and the No. 1 in onshore wind and hydro power, Luminus is contributing to an industrial solution by offering its customers innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency and by investing massively in renewable energy. At the same time, Luminus is investing in research into innovative solutions to enable a future switch to other types of fuels (biogas, green hydrogen) and to enable connection to CO2 capture plants.


Trains are not only energy-efficient but also generate significantly less CO2 emissions than other transport modes and require less ground space compared to highways, making them an environmentally friendly mode of transport. The SNCB is dedicated to developing train travel and has set specific objectives for the next ten years to align its operations and activities with environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Under the motto «SNCB, a key player in a sustainable society », SNCB’s sustainability strategy is built around 10 pillars : energy, water, waste, biodiversity & soil, construction, diversity & inclusion, employee mobility, autonomous accessibility of its trains and stations, procurement and shops in stations. To delve deeper into SNCB’s commitment to sustainable transportation and their efforts to promote eco-friendly practices, make sure to watch this video for more information:

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