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13mar15:0019:00Impact Job Fair

december 2023

07dec15:0023:00Sustainable Christmas Market

november 2023

30nov19:0023:00CleanTech Summit

20nov18:5418:54Night of the Presentations

16nov09:0022:00Impact Case Day

october 2023

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may 2023

11may17:3023:59Gobal Impact Night

03may00:0000:00Final Case Day

april 2023

20apr00:0000:00Selection Case Day

Hey there! We’re thrilled that you’re interested in joining an AFD project! Here’s what you need to do to get started:

1.    Send your CV and a motivational letter to by October 12th.  In the motivation letter, share your top 3 project preferences. You’ll receive a small case related to your favorite project.

2.    Our Human Resources team will be in touch to set up an interview between October 16th and 22nd. During the interview, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself and discuss your case.

3.    Keep your calendar clear for the weekend of October 28th and 29th because we’ve planned an exciting initiation weekend for all the selected project students and our amazing coaches!

We can’t wait to get to know you better and embark on this exciting journey together. Best of luck, and we hope to see you soon!

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Meet our team

  • Samantha Glorioso
    Samantha Glorioso President
  • Maarten Bosch
    Maarten Bosch Vice President
  • Laure Plissart
    Laure Plissart Board HR
  • Kato Van Dyck
    Kato Van Dyck Entourage HR
  • Arne Lieten
    Arne Lieten Board PC
  • Ariadna Crespo Chamorro
    Ariadna Crespo Chamorro Entourage PC
  • Margot Oversteyns
    Margot Oversteyns Entourage PC
  • Murielle Lock
    Murielle Lock Entourage PC
  • Thomas Nauwelaerts
    Thomas Nauwelaerts Board PD
  • Lore Brichau
    Lore Brichau Entourage PD
  • Ruben Aerts
    Ruben Aerts Entourage PD
  • Vincent Nijs
    Vincent Nijs Board PR
  • Lynn Van Aelst
    Lynn Van Aelst Entourage PR
  • Pieter-Jan Herrijgers
    Pieter-Jan Herrijgers Board Events
  • Shah Sanah Ullah
    Shah Sanah Ullah Entourage Events
  • Carsten Billen
    Carsten Billen Board CTC
  • Anneleen Gabriels
    Anneleen Gabriels Board BM
  • Anthony Clerinx
    Anthony Clerinx Entourage BM
  • Shira Christoffels
    Shira Christoffels Entourage BM
  • Lexi Put
    Lexi Put Board Marcom
  • Ben Wintmolders
    Ben Wintmolders Entourage Marcom
  • Laura Schonkeren
    Laura Schonkeren Entourage Marcom
  • Jens Putzeys
    Jens Putzeys Entourage Marcom
  • Sven Driesen
    Sven Driesen Board IT
  • Annelies Tulkens
    Annelies Tulkens Board Finance
  • Chona Deback
    Chona Deback Board Legal
  • Ella Koninckx
    Ella Koninckx Board IC

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