Why partner up
with Academics for Development?

When partnering up with AFD it is important that you know about our three main pillars. You can find more information about them right below!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through its projects, AFD realises tangible and sustainable social impact. Your company’s support, as catalyst for future growth of AFD, is a first-class example of durable Corporate Social Responsibility and proves its commitment to make positive impact. The following introduction could be used on your website:

Human resources

AFD attracts high potential students with a keen interest in entrepreneurship and sustainability. All our members are carefully selected by our HR-team, thus ensuring the recruitment of motivated and team-oriented students with strong academic records and extracurricular experience. The experience AFD students gain by working in a multidisciplinary team on a consulting project, creates an interesting recruiting ground.

Visibility tools

With our events, lectures, presentations and (online) media channels, Academics for Development reaches thousands of internationally oriented students with an interest in entrepreneurship, sustainability and international development each year. As part of a collaboration, we could make your organisation visible within our network.


“Academics for Development (AFD) aims to realise social impact and believes in the potential of students and the power of entrepreneurial action to do so. Therefore, AFD organises social impact oriented student consulting projects around the world. Multidisciplinary teams of motivated university students work during an academic year to solve a challenge, problem or question of a company, start-up or NGO. At the end of the year they go for several weeks to the project location to physically implement the solution. In 5 years, AFD has successfully organised over 40 projects in 17 different countries in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia. [Company name] plays a pivotal role in enabling AFD’s activities, it’s growth and our mission to increase awareness around social entrepreneurship.”


1. CV booklet containing all active and alumni AFD members: the project students, the project coaches, the executive board and the governing board.

2. Possibility to share vacancies within our (student) network through Facebook, LinkedIn and/or our monthly newsletter.

3. Possibility to host a workshop or training to all active members of AFD in the academic year 2017-2018.

4. Possibility to (co-)host a training or event for university students within our network.

5. Invitation to our midterm event in which all project students present their work of the past year, challenged by a panel of experts and the audience. Next to friends and relatives of the participated students, the audience also consists of faculty representatives and professors, project partners, structural partners and other students who are interested in AFD and its social entrepreneurship projects.


1. Exposure on the homepage of our website

2. Exposure through online media channels

  • ► Facebook: Introduction of the company & partnership, possibility to request a second post.
  • ► LinkedIn: Introduction of the company & partnership.
  • ► Newsletter: Logo on bottom of our monthly newsletter.
  • ► Marketing videos: Logo at the end of the video (e.g. banner).

3. Exposure on offline media:

  • ►Logo on offline marketing material such as recruitment or event  posters.
  • ► Logo in the AFD Partner Brochure.
  • ► Exposure on selected PowerPoint presentations (e.g. recruitment talks, in-class presentations).

4. Exposure during events and workshops:

  • ► Possibility to co-host or speak at one of our events (in consultation with AFD board).
  • ► Logo on the opening slide of the PowerPoint used during our events.
  • ► Logo on the opening slide of the PowerPoint used during workshops.
  • ► Possibility to have your banner at one of our events (in consultation with the AFD board).

What are we
looking for?

AFD is looking for structural partnerships that can take many different forms. All our partnerships will be tailored to your needs and the specifications of your company. We are happy to elaborate on this during a personal meeting. A partnership can consist of the following pillars.

1. Sponsorship of the organisation and events:

You can financially support the organisation or a specific event. Your contribution will have a direct, durable and lasting social impact.

2. Workshops, speakers and consulting advice:

Support our projects by providing helpful workshops, speakers for events or professional consulting advice for our students and their projects.

3. Technical and organisational support:

The organisation could use professional legal, actuarial, organisational and structural advice and guidance to provide an even better service.

Get involved

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