Kikesa is a project that started last year. This year we continue building on the realisations of last year but especially on the new objectives that are set. So the first objective of the project is ensuring the maintenance of what the students did last year by checking if everything is still working and, if everything works well, looking for ways to improve the structure. Part of the project is located in some sort of crevasse (a deep open crack). People who live there have created canals to evacuate the water because there is a high risk of flooding when it rains but these canals could benefit from improvement. Kikesa would like the students to find a way to improve the existing canal to help people living in the crevasse. Another goal is to explore the possibilities for plantation to stabilize the soil in the crevasse. Because of erosion, it is moving and plants could help to reduce (or even stop) the movements. These plantations should be usable for the local community to sell (or transform to sell later) and get economic empowerment from it. Finally, the last dimension of the project would be sensibilization.  We are going to try and inform the people in the neighborhood on what the AFD project aims to do and how this could benefit them. 

project details


Improving floodways to help the local population, identify and plant vegetation to stabilise the soil as well as sensibilise the community





Applications Deadline: 14th of October 2022

About the project partner

The Centre Pour Handicapés Kikesa is a school which was founded in 1968 in a district of Kinshasa by three young Congolese who had recently returned from their studies in Belgium.  They want to support the integration of people with disabilities in the Congolese society by providing them vocational training. The three main goals of VZW Kikesa are therefore: 

-Physical rehabilitation

-Education and vocational training 

-Socio-professional reintegration

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for 4-5 excellent and highly motivated students, with good knowledge of the preferably French or otherwise English language. Cultural flexibility and respect for other cultures are a must. Students of all academic backgrounds are allowed to apply. However, for this project we are especially looking for students with backgrounds or special interest in:

Engineering / Science

Social Sciences



If this sounds like the challenge you need in your life, not only to make the world just a little better but also to gain an incredible amount of experience in the process, do not hesitate to apply.

To apply, send an e-mail to with the subject ‘Project student 2022-2023’ with your CV and a short motivational letter attached.


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