Project Development

The organisation

AFD was founded with the aim to unlock the full potential of students through social impact and to have social impact through the full potential of students. We achieve this by placing Social Entrepreneurship at the core of our organisation along with its values. Every year we send out a number of highly motivated students to set up socially meaningful, durable and impactful projects and businesses. In symbiosis with this we have the ambition to familiarise and embed the social entrepreneurial way of thinking in the entire student-ecosystem. We do this through our events, our Brightminds track and the CleanTech Challenge.

Your role

  • – You are responsible for the development & selection of the projects .
  • – You are willing to attend networking and partner events.
  • – You are the contact person for interested project partners and set up meetings and/or (Skype) calls with them.
  • – You maintain contact with these partners and help them define a qualitative project.
  • – You are responsible for the formulation of projects and are the point of contact regarding all project-related issues.
  • – You attend the weekly board meetings and show a general commitment to the organisation.

Your profile

  • – You are a bachelor or master student at KU Leuven or UCLL.
  • – You possess the necessary people skills to initiate and maintain partner contact.
  • – You can set deadlines for yourself and respect them.
  • – You are well organised with regard to meetings and email conversations.
  • – You are determined and have a critical attitude towards the project content, the quality of the project partner and the general environment of the project location.
  • – You are a creative thinker and you can think along with partners to come up with a suitable & valuable project.

Your commitment

  • – Ability to commit to this position for one academic year, starting from April 2024.
  • – Ability to dedicate part of your time to AFD next to your studies.

Our offer

  • – Gain hands-on experience and tackle real problems next to your studies.
  • – Obtain valuable life skills and boost your personal development.
  • – Exchange insights with like-minded and impactful peers.
  • – Be part of an open and international student community and make friends for life!


Send your CV and motivation letter (A4) to with the subject ‘Board 2024-2025’ . Don’t forget to mention if you would like to apply for board or entourage!

Difference Board-Entourage

The difference between being a board or entourage member is that as a board member you have the final responsibility, you are the point of contact and you maintain the communication between your team and the Governing Board (the national board in Belgium). Every team will consist of one board member and one or more entourage members, depending on the function you’re applying for.

Any questions about the position? Get in touch!

  • Thomas Nauwelaerts
    Thomas Nauwelaerts Board PD
  • Lore Brichau
    Lore Brichau Entourage PD
  • Ruben Aerts
    Ruben Aerts Entourage PD

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