3D Prosthesis and Makerspace

Morocco is a North African country among the most prosperous on the continent. Nevertheless, access to quality opportunities and education is a challenge for the young population. The country has a youth population (24 years old and under) of about 42%, whose unemployment rate is estimated by the World Bank to be 21.88% in 2018. The birth of this project comes from an idea to make 3D printed hand prostheses accessible, via technology and the network made available through the “E-nable” organization (http://enablingthefuture.org/).

To finance this project, AFD is supporting a young entrepreneur to set up a “Makerspace” type educational space, whose mission is to offer a creative and educational space to young people in order to introduce them to new technologies (Coding, robotics, media creation, A.I., 3D printing, etc.). This space will also have the role of offering 3D printed hand prostheses to people who do not have access to these types of products.

This project will be supported by Peter Byron, a teacher at the Rosemont Technology Centre for 3D technology and printing, and a member of the E-nable network.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for 5-6 excellent (but mostly highly motivated) students, with good knowledge of the French language. Students of all academic backgrounds are allowed to apply.

– Engineering  

– Corporate finance

– Business strategy

– Education

– Marketing 

– Management (HR)

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project details


Conceptualize an educational space/workshop that will allow young people to follow enriching and fun courses in order to improve the quality of their education and introduce them to new technologies. Include the “E-nable” extension in the Makerspace project in order to offer 3D prostheses to people who need them. Establish a viable long-term structure in order to be able to extend to other regions of Morocco.


Preparation phase: October- June

Implementation phase: 6-8 weeks in July/August


Rabat, Morocco 

About the project

Support for the creation of the Makerspace service offering in terms of content and programming for youth.

Strategic planning support (Business development, development of the 3D prosthesis program).

Development of a marketing strategy that the partner could implement, respecting the reality of the market and the environment in Morocco.


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