Ferme SAIN, Benin

Beekeeping project Ferme SAIN (Solidarités Agricoles Intégrées) is an agricultural organisation, focusing on agroecology and agroforestry; It is also a school, teaching people, with/without an education, how to provide for themselves in terms of food production without hurting their environment. Thanks to being in contact with a lot of universities, this place has become a true innovative laboratory of agriculture. Through their activities, they want to encourage self-development of the Kakanitchoé, the inhabitants of a small rural village, south-west in Bénin, where ferme SAIN is located. The main objective is to improve the livelihood of the rural communities and to slow down the brain-drain.

project details

What: Start a communal beekeeping project at the farm.


Where: BENIN

Applications Deadline: 6th of October 2020

About the project

Ferme Sain wants to promote the development of the Kakanitchoé and improve the livelihood of the community. They want to slow down the brain-drain of the youth towards the urban centres. Besides that, Ferme Sain wants to prevent the locals from exploiting the land and its resources through intensive farming methods and the use of non-environmental friendly pesticides.

One of the main goals for the future are to develop an high quality educational program on agroecological techniques and make it available to even the most vulnerable of the community (especially young people and women). Another thing they want to accomplish, is supporting the locals in the development of their own economically durable activities.

One way to strengthen the economic position of the vulnerable people of the community is to diversify their sources of incomes. That is why they want to start a communal beekeeping project at the farm. The honey and all its by-products could form a sustainable additional income to women and young people of the community. Additionally, this will also positively impact the biodiversity of its surroundings.

If you apply for this project and get accepted for the team, the following would be, amongst others, your challenges and goals:

– Developing an action plan for starting and expanding Ferme Sain’s beekeeping activities

– Studying the value chain of honey production

– Conducting a market study of the demand for honey and its by products in the region and developing a marketing plan

– Developing a specific educational program for teaching the locals about the most efficient ways of beekeeping

During the preparation months in Belgium you will mainly concentrate on the development of the beekeeping activities and the market study, while during the implantation phase of 6 weeks in July and August, you will help the organisation with the installation and marketing strategy.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for 4 to 5 highly motivated students, with good knowledge of the English and French language. Students of all academic backgrounds are allowed to apply. However, for this project we are especially looking for students with backgrounds or special interest in:

Economics with interest in marketing

Other business-related studies


Educational sciences


If this sounds like the challenge you need in your life, not only to make the world just a little better but also to gain an incredible amount of experience in the process, do not hesitate to apply.


Send an email to atw@afdimpact.org with:

– Your CV

– A motivation letter or video

DEADLINE: 6th of October 12pm

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at atw@afdimpact.org.



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