FairChain Foundation

The FairChain Foundation helps smallholder coffee farmers and workers to earn living incomes and wages by managing profitable farms and getting involved in value added activities, in order to improve livelihoods and communities.

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project details

What: Helped the Fairchain Foundation to improve the situation of the small coffee farmers in Ethiopia

When: Preparation Phase: October – June
Implementation Phase: 6-8 weeks in July/August

Where: Limu Kosa, Oromiya, Ethiopia

About the project

The FairChain Foundation uses cutting-edge technologies to facilitate inclusive business models and shared value chains. Why? Because when you give developing countries the right knowledge, skills and technologies, you empower them to produce and package the commodities they farm. You give them the power of profit. Moyee Coffee is the first FairChain company and purchaser of part of the FairChain Farming coffee. In 2015, Moyee set up a roasting facility in Addis Ababa, the first one in a coffee producing country to produce roasted and packed coffee by western standards for export.

The challenge to increase coffee yields of smallholder coffee farmers in Limu, Ethiopia, in order to reach a living income. Just as many smallholders around the world, coffee growers in Ethiopia are very vulnerable lacking access to financial, technical and/or social services, and at the same time face inefficient and non-transparent trading channels. At the time we were undertaking a number of activities but looked to AFD Utrecht to help us in our mission and come up with new idea’s or initiatives. From improving soil fertility, setting up an efficient monitoring system or helping us with the Blockchain interface and making it understandable for local farmers to use (yes, we too have succumbed to the BlockChain hype, but for a good reason).


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