JN Foundation

JN Foundation is a Jamaican organisation that strives to solve issues relating to rural development, health, education, safety, crime and more in the Jamaican society. By working together with partners, the JN Foundation is capable of executing diverse projects to support multiple communities across the Caribbean island. In the end, they hope to reach a state of increased employment, improved educational achievements of students, enhanced health and safety, and a strong social coherence.


Since 2013, their BeWise Financial Empowerment Project has been increasing financial security of Jamaicans by building awareness, knowledge and skills in personal financial management. Utilizing a toolkit designed to debunk the myth that financial independence is a dream attainable by only a few, the workshops promote the idea that with knowledge, discipline and commitment, this desirable status can be achieved by many.


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project details

What: Increase the impact of a financial empowerment project by developing an e-learning space

When: Preparation Phase: October – June
Implementation Phase: 6-8 weeks in July/August

Where: Jamaica

About the project

The main goal of the project is to improve the financial empowerment teaching program. To make sure that the current teaching program, which educates 1000s of Jamaicans concerning basic personal finance, can grow bigger, it is necessary that an e-learning site is designed. This e-learning space needs to serve as a hub for among others training videos, schedules, and fact sheets. Project students will be expected to conceptualize the architecture of such an e-learning space and to train the JN Foundation team the skills they need to administrate the site in the future.


As with all our projects, the first step of the project will be the formation of a multidisciplinary team of excellent and highly motivated students. After the formation, the students will prepare themselves in the Netherlands for their trip to Jamaica in cooperation with AFDU and JN Foundation. The Preparation Phase will take place from October until June. The Implementation Phase takes place in July and August and consists of executing the project in Jamaica for 6-8 weeks.


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