Les Valoristes

Les Valoristes is a solidarity cooperative aimed at developing social reintegration for men and women who have difficulty entering the labour market. They provide drop-off points for the collection of returnable, recyclable and reusable materials, where people in need can drop off their collections in exchange for money. 

Their mission is to generate a social impact by giving to “valoristes” the opportunity to increase their income while improving their working conditions. It is also about promoting social inclusion while breaking the stigma surrounding this activity. The environmental aspect is also at the heart of their objective thanks to the increase in the collection of recyclable containers, which generally come from garbage cans or  public highway. There is also the desire to stimulate awareness of the environmental issue of waste reduction.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for 5 excellent (but mostly highly motivated) students, with good knowledge of the French or English language. Students of all academic backgrounds are allowed to apply.

– Engineering 

– Business

– Strategy

– Sustainability / Social Sciences 

– Enterpreneurship


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project details



The project aims to collaborate with the Coop les Valoristes in order to support them in their development of services and to generate more income. Indeed, the latter offer another service directly linked to companies, by providing them with recycling bins. The aim would be to help them develop this service both in terms of the size of the network of participating companies and in terms of the technical and logistical aspects of this activity.


Preparation phase: October- June

Implementation phase: 6-8 weeks in July/August


Montreal, Canada 

About the project

The first point is to develop new recycling bins that will better meet the needs and reality of the Coop les Valoristes. 

The next step is to consider a strategy to develop the current service for companies. 

Finally, there is the possibility of conceptualizing new services to be offered in addition to the services already offered by the cooperative.


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