This project aims to train the Beninese youth in rural areas, who mostly engage in agriculture, to become professional beekeepers and have a positive and sustainable impact on the quality of life in rural communities and strengthen their resilience to poverty. In the medium and long term, we will work to increase production, organize communities into formalized groups and access the market with a labeled product.

The project, a sustainable production chain, aims at empowering women and young people through sustainable income, the fight against hunger and poverty, but also the protection of a beekeeping biodiversity in difficulty throughout the world, etc.

In the academic year of 2023-2024, the aim is to build on the first two phases of the project (accomplished from 2020 to 2023) At the same time reinforcing what is already being done and developing aspects such as:

-Strengthen the production activities of the network of young beekeepers. Especially, in areas that have been selected as high potential areas throughout the previous 2 years

-Reinforce the young people in these zones with trainings, support materials to ensure a lasting production and extraction of qualitative honey

-The initiation of innovative components such as queen rearing to improve beekeeping methods.

-Development/ building of the Miellerie (honey processing room)

-Acquisition of materials necessary for a better transformation of the harvest

-Additionally: the development of the transformation of honey and its by-products into various derivatives

-Development of a business plan to make sure the beekeeping project is viable long-term, ensuring a sustainable economic model around the honey value chain

-The development of the communication activity around the project. The communication component will improve the visibility of the SAIN Farm School but also the visibility of the Mouvement Miel project and beekeeping products. The development of the communication component will also facilitate the sale of beekeeping products from the youth network.

-Raising awareness of the production and use of biopesticides.


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