The topic of this project is to build further upon the foundation established by the previous AFD-MYTOX-SOUTH® initiative during the academic year 2022-2023. A holistic approach was applied to improve overall food safety in small villages in Lilongwe, Malawi. Questionnaires and interviews have been held with local farmers to generate an overview of specific food safety needs. The focus was put on aflatoxin risks, although other aspects to improve human and animal health were also included. A report with recommendations was drafted by the students of the first cycle, serving as a basis for the next AFD cycle to pinpoint priorities to improve livelihood of local villages. In fact, the aim of this cycle is to establish local innovation living labs in collaboration with students at LUANAR, with a central knowledge point at the LUANAR campus. These innovation living labs essentially are local model villages in Lilongwe, where new ideas and solutions can be tested on a smaller scale before wider implementation. The project aims to start with at least 1 model village. It is intended to stimulate multi-disciplinary cooperation across areas of expertise, to provide holistic solutions to current food safety challenges. Throughout the academic year, the students will be supported by researchers/professors at both Ghent University and LUANAR, to prepare a dedicated practical action during the implementation phase in July/August 2024 in the model villages.


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