Oasis Haïti

Created in Las Cayes in 2016, Oasis Haiti is a non-profit organization whose goal is to enable Haitian communities to develop both economically and socially and ecologically. It acts through different action points :

  • His orphanage, the true heart of the organization, expresses their desire to give children the tools they need in their future lives.
  • His school, where classes are offered for the children of the local community, to ensure the quality of their education.
  • Its microcredit, which allow Haitians to borrow to launch their projects.
  • Assistance to people recovering from natural disasters, through reconstruction programs.

Oasis Haiti has a land exploitable in agriculture with an area of ​​9675 square meters. It currently exploits less than a third of this space by agriculture. The goal of Oasis is to transform this parcel of land into a biological farm and to exploit the totality of the space at their disposal.

Oasis’s vision is for its farm to be a positive actor in the community and to support individual and community development through its activities. Future projects include a workshop to transform agricultural production, a training center for agronomy students, among others …

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for 5-6 excellent (but mostly highly motivated) students, with good knowledge of the French language. Students of all academic backgrounds are allowed to apply.

– Engineering  

– Biology

– Project Management

– Agriculture / Permaculture

– Sustainable development  


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project details


Study on the establishment of a chicken farm and best practices.

Propose production alternatives to improve the yield of current production, in particular by substituting chemical pesticides with natural pesticides, with a view to permaculture.

Conduct a study on the most suitable way for the Oasis farm to transform organic waste.

Propose new agricultural crops to vary the production of the Oasis farm.


Preparation phase: October- June

Implementation phase: 6-8 weeks in July/August


Las Cayes, Haiti 

About the project

This is to support the development of an organic farm project in order to make self-sufficient Oasis establishments food, and enable them to generate income through this activity.

AFD is committed to supporting this project over 2 years. the first part of the project will support Oasis in setting up and launching the farm production on a larger scale. The second part will support the development of income generating activities around the organic farm project.




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