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What is / are the social problem(s) addressed by the host organization?

In rural area’s including Kyarusesa, near the Albert Lake in Uganda, Smallhorder farmers witness financial exclusion, low savings, low productivity , high illiteracy rates and lack of awareness of financial systems. Smallholder farmers lose records of their financials and thus are unable to access credit from formal financial institutions which in return affect their levels of productivity and ability to scale. Akaboxi, digitally manages the financial records of these smallholder farmers, fills the financial gap and engages partners to provide cheap and affordable agricultural inputs, access to ready markets links, and trainings/ education targeting creation of awareness for business scaling and profitability. This improves productivity, increases savings hence economic empowerment and improved livelihoods. In that way, Akaboxi can support 1000 new vulnerable women and farmers in rural areas where there are no financial services. Akaboxi’s core objective is now to improve their business model, especially the trading of small holder farmers agricultural produce.

What is the proposed solution for the problem(s) intended to be addressed?

The preparation Core deliverables:

1. Implement a well-documented , workable Akaboxi trading business model. You will evaluate the right markets (local markets, resellers, production units,…) for Akaboxi’s famers production. Furthermore , you will have to look for forecasting measures to minimize risk related to production trading
2. Implement an Akaboxi communication strategy that promotes access to market for Akaboxi farmers produce as well as other Akaboxi revenue streams. This includes designing a website, simple and easy to understand brochures, flyers, banners and social media platform. In addition to this, design a marketing strategy , with as main objective to create different incentives for the farmers (promotion materials, subsidized inputs and promoting access to markets through radio and TV talk shows)

The implementation phase core deliverables are:

Main Core Deliverables: Assist and contribute to the Akaboxi team to achieve its goals with the deliverables of the preparation phase
◦ Set up the communication strategy for the farmers and manage the company’s social media
◦ Implement the trading business model and learn more about competitors.
◦ Figure out better systems
◦ Do research on new projects for Akaboxi
Assist the Akaboxi team in their daily tasks ( Lead a team meeting, attend networking events, create presentations, review company materials, order office supplies)
Side Core Deliverables: Create own capstone projects (A capstone project is a long-term project that you can work on throughout the course of the project. This kind of project can be your go-to when you finished the tasks , where you can use the skills you’ve learned during your time working on the project.

project details


  • 1. Implement an Akaboxi communication strategy that promotes access to market for Akaboxi farmers produce as well as other Akaboxi revenue streams
  • 2. Implement a well-documented and workable Akaboxi trading business model



Applications Deadline: 23th of October 2022

About the project [partner

Partner Organization: Ondernemers Voor Ondernemers

OVO believes that small and medium-sized businesses can be an important driver in the economy, prosperity and employment opportunities in low and middle-income countries. OVO’s mission is thus to promote social-economic business projects and initiatives and to reinforce them. OVO is the link between Belgian companies and entrepreneurs and local business initiatives in Africa and selected developing countries. Transfer of knowledge and financing opportunities are at the forefront.

Host Organization: Akaboxi Limited Company

The mission of Akaboxi is to provide cost friendly, appropriate digital financial inclusion services to all financially excluded people particularly in rural areas and in accordance with the law.


Who are we looking for?

This project will require highly motivated project students with a good knowledge of the English Language. A positive attitude is definitely required, since you will be dealing with a vulnerable population in rural areas. Furthermore, you need to be ready to make frequent travels from the capital city Kampala. Those will be long distances of over 600kms in hard to reach areas. Students of all academic backgrounds may to apply. However, for this project, we are especially looking for students with backgrounds, or special interests in:

Economics / Business Engineering

Informatics/ Computer Engineering

Social Sciences



If this sounds like the challenge you need in your life, not only to make the world just a little better but also to gain an incredible amount of experience in the process, do not hesitate to apply.

To apply, send an e-mail to gent@afdimpact.org with the subject ‘Project student 2022-2023’ with your CV and a short motivational letter attached.


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