ODEAH – Togo

ODEAH as its name suggests is an Organization for Development and Humanitarian Actions, its mission is to promote the integral and sustainable development of the most disadvantaged populations. The organization is active in many sectors:
– Support for the preservation of the environment.
– Agroecology.
– Water and sanitation in rural and community areas.
– Public and community health.
– Sexual and reproductive health.
– Disease prevention at public and community level.
– The creation of income generating activity.
– The training of women.
It works in all these fields through international solidarity projects.


The project is located in the village of Edouwossikopé in the Plateaux Region of Togo. In fact, the Plateaux Region in Togo is a very favorable region for agricultural activities. The majority of this community practices agriculture.

But nowadays, this population still faces many challenges related to climate change, putting all farmers in difficulty. Indeed, the change of seasons, the rarity and the abundance of rains at unexpected times are factors that harm this population by causing them food shortages sometimes from the beginning of the year. This is very problematic and plunges the inhabitants of this region into absolute precariousness as they are located in extremely remote places, far from the shops. Indeed, it is a locality where to go to the market or a health center, the population has to travel more than 18 kilometers.

Moreover, in this community, women and children are the most vulnerable because of the lack of drinking water. They travel many kilometers to fetch water before engaging in farming activities.

Faced with the problems of children walking more than 4 kilometers, on foot, before going to school, we initiated a primary school in the community. The latter works well but has always remained rudimentary because of lack of financial means for the construction of school buildings. Some students from this school still sit on tree trunks and planks on bricks.

These numerous difficulties of the population entail:
– Food insecurity.
– School dropout of children.
– The confiscation of the family economy by men.
– The frequency of diseases related to the lack of drinking water and sanitation facilities.
– loss of life due to lack of financial means and also distance to access a health center


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project details

What: Assist in the installation of solar panels and a solar pump on the well already present to allow the women of Edouwossikopé to set up garden crops.

When: Preparation Phase: October – June
Implementation Phase: 6 weeks in the summer

Where: The village of Edouwossikopé in the Plateaux Region of Togo

About the project

To help this population out of these difficulties, we have set up a support program through the promotion of agroecology.
This program consists in supporting the population through the training and promotion of agricultural techniques that can enable them to adapt to the phenomenon of climate change.
To do this, it is planned to set up an agroecology school production center that can serve as a study and experiment for the local population. Thus population training and awareness are necessary for the success of this project. In addition, the different activities of this project will focus on training activities on the practical techniques of agroecology and market gardening.


In concrete terms, the objectives of our organization are:

– Create and install in the community of Edouwossikopé an Economic Reintegration Support Center for at least 200 vulnerable farmers in the Plateaux Region per year.

– Support at least 500 farmers, including at least 200 women, to learn about climate change phenomena and adaptation techniques to ensure food security.

– Set up a school field in agroecology and a school building in beekeeping.

– Help at least 300 people to set up agroecology activities.

– Technically assist farmers in agricultural innovation.

– Build in the community a solar drilling for the consumption of the population and the promotion of vegetable crops.

– Support the community in the processing and marketing of agricultural products.


As with all our projects, the first step of the project will be the formation of a multidisciplinary team of excellent and highly motivated students. The students will work on the project in Belgium over the academic year and spend around 6 weeks for the last phase of their project.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for 4-6 excellent and highly motivated students. Students of all academic backgrounds are allowed to apply. However, for this project we are especially looking for students with backgrounds or special interest in:

Engineers specialized in renewable energies


Management engineer / Economics or Marketing/Economic science

The main objective of the AFD students will be to help install the panels and a solar pump on the well already present to allow the women of Edouwossikopé to set up vegetable crops.
If this goal is accomplished in a timely manner, students will be able to pursue complementary goals: Prepare a water decay system for crop irrigation. Help the creation of income-generating activities for local women through market gardening, by assisting in the marketing and communication of their products. And finally, set up an irrigation system from the well.


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