Solar Turtle – South Africa

Developed a Business Model for a Partner Enterprise at theSolar Turtle Pilot Site in the Eastern Cape.The goal of this undertaking is to develop a business strategy that will increasethe salaries of the SolarTurtle pilot site’s two employees by 100% (i.e., from R1500 per employee per month to R3 000 per employee per month), and to assessthe viability thereof.We provided the restaurant with an LED television with a DSTVconnection. The television is powered by batteries from the SolarTurtle.This television setup will be used for the regular screening of films, sports games,soapies and revision lectures. To watch a programme at the Solar Cinema, acustomer can either pay a fee of R7 via eMoney, or purchase a meal in Lungi’srestaurant. Revision lectures can be watched free of charge, as there should notbe a financial barrier to educational success.If the technology becomes viable in Kulombola, future expansion potentialincludes the creation of a wifi zone. Other future expansion potential includes theaddition of a Playstation along with games such as Fifa, Need for Speed, andSingstar.


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