february, 2018

05feb19:0022:00AFDxTalk: Consume Coffee Consciously


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Coffee Lovers – Attention!

In today’s world we start our mornings with a fresh cup of coffee, drink it to stay awake during lectures, use it to work through the night for tomorrow’s examination and, let’s face it, get higher grades in general. But is all this consumption of coffee also fair? Shouldn’t we think about how we affect the environment and the lives of other people?

With the growing body of knowledge on the impact of mass production, we must consider alternative ways of consuming and we must take the sources of our products into account. How do we live sustainable and consume in a conscious way? How do we know what is fair and what is not?

On the 21st of December, we will explore these questions by focussing on a vital part of our daily consumption habits: coffee!

Prof. dr. Ruerd Ruben of Wageningen University, author of “The Impact of Fair Trade”, is an expert on the concept of fair trade and will talk about its pro’s and con’s. Ruben will provide us with an explanation on the impact of our daily cup of (uncertified) coffee in contrast to Fair Trade coffee.

We invited Moyee Coffee (Fair Chain) and Zwartekoffie (Direct Trade), two energetic social enterprises, to talk about their social solution and their offering of socially responsible products. What motivates them to start a social enterprise and produce coffee with social impact? How does their solution contribute to a fair world and what are the difficulties they have to face every day?

Is an uncertified cup of coffee not your cup of tea? Would you like to know more about positive social initiatives such as Fair Chain and Direct Trade and think about how we can keep up the enormous production of coffee in a social sustainable way? Join the discussion and formulate your opinion about the impact you can have with your daily cup of coffee!


(Monday) 19:00 - 22:00


Universiteit Utrecht

Janskerkhof 2-3


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