november, 2020

17nov19:3021:30The truth behind the beauty mask


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During “The truth behind the beauty mask” we will discover two underlying hidden issues in the beauty industry, which have a major impact on the local community and the environment: Child labor in mica mines & plastic waste.
Child labor in mica mines
Over the past years, researchers, newspapers and so many other organizations are sounding the alarm for the horrific circumstances in Indian mines. Over there, children are working day in day out to provide the beauty industry with mica, one of the most used minerals in the beauty industry, just for “the sparkle” of your beauty products. But how might you ask? How is this still possible in 2020? Why does the government not intervene? In which way does this have an impact on the child labor? But most important: how can we and other big beauty businesses fight against it? In which ways can businesses manage to trace and provide good working conditions for their workers in the field?
Plastic waste
Every year the beauty industry is responsible for 120 billion units of plastic. It’s time for change! How are businesses adapting their packaging to reduce their impact? What is eco-design? Are refill stations the new way to zero waste?
Join “The truth behind the beauty mask” and get to know all about it!
19:30h- 21:30h


(Tuesday) 19:30 - 21:30


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